The Solander and Banks Story

18th Century Solander & Banks…

Swedish by birth, Daniel Solander was a happy-go-lucky rather short, stocky man. A great story teller with plenty of charisma he was well liked by everyone he met.

A student of natural history, Daniel made botany and the study of flora and fauna his life’s work.

His life changed dramatically when his heart was broken by a beautiful and talented young woman. Lisa Stina the eldest daughter of Daniel’s famous mentor Carl Linnaeus ran off with another man. At the age of 27, Daniel was at a loss on what to do next and how to deal with this unfortunate event.

Ultimately he decided to seek out a new life and left Sweden for the bustling and busy England. He arrived in London in the summer of 1760 and it wasn’t long before his path crossed with Joseph.

Joseph Banks was about 10 years younger than Daniel. He was an English aristocrat born in Lincolnshire about 100 miles east of Birmingham. He had a keen interest in nature from a young age and read widely on the subject.

He decided to pursue his passion for nature at university. Arriving at Oxford he was disappointed to find the subject not well covered and ultimately left in search of more adventurous ways to acquire the knowledge he sought.

Unfortunately, tragedy was to strike him when his father passed away while he was in his late teens. Forced to wait until he turned 21 for his inheritance, he moved to London where it wasn’t too long before he met Daniel.

The two became great friends and colleagues in their study of nature. Joseph had big dreams and sold Daniel on a grand plan to sail to the other side of the world in search of new and undiscovered natural phenomena. Leveraging his late father’s network and wealth, Joseph was able to join a Royal Navy expedition in search of Terra Australis Incognita, the great "unknown southern land".

In August 1768, after a mammoth amount of planning Solander and Banks—along with a small staff—set out on an amazing adventure. Aboard the Endeavour that day as they sailed south out of Plymouth their spirits would have been high as they set out towards the Pacific. They were not to know that the journey would ultimately take 3 years to complete and almost half of the crew would perish.

Though sheer hard work and relentless focus Daniel, Joseph and their small group would discover, catalogue and bring home the most extensive collection of plant specimens the modern world had ever seen. The area they explored is now recognised as one of the most beautiful and untouched parts of this planet now known as New Zealand and Australia. Over 250 years later and following in their footsteps, Solander & Banks brings you an amazing collection of the best health and beauty brands from these great southern lands.

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