Bamboo Toothbrushes Kids Bristle 12 Pack - S&B Basics Range

Solander & Banks

  • $36.90

  • Kids bristles
  • 12 pack
  • Biodegradable handle 
  • BPA free 

Introducing the S&B Basics Toothbrush, a product for environmentally conscious people, made from 100% biodegradable bamboo.

While regular, supermarket bought, plastic toothbrushes can take a lifetime to decompose, our S&B Basics Toothbrush handle can be safely disposed of in landfills and composts, making it the only choice for those who care about our environment.

Not only are S&B Basics Toothbrushes great for the environment, they’re also great for the health of your teeth and gums.

Each toothbrush is both durable and resilient against the growth of harmful bacteria and are crafted from:

  • Renewable and responsibly sourced wood from an FSC certified bamboo forest.
  • BPA FREE polymer bristles completely free from animal products.

Medium and soft bristle options are also available to ensure everyone gets a comfortable brush.

Each toothbrush is ultra-durable: lasting longer under regular use than other plastic alternatives. And buying in bulk, with our convenient 12-pack option, means you can always get great quality, environmentally safe, long-lasting toothbrushes at an affordable price!



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