Got Dry Skin? With These 3 Tips, You Don’t Have To

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Is your skin constantly irritated? Are you forever scratching and itching?

Have you noticed your face isn’t looking as young as it used to? Are people offering their seats to you on the bus, even though you’re only 27?

Dry skin is often self-inflicted for many men, and it’s because we’ve been doing it all wrong when it comes to washing our faces.

Below, we’ve listed 3 simple steps for your morning and evening routines to remedy this problem, keeping that skin looking younger, fuller and less irritated!

3 Tips for Fighting Dry Skin for Men

  1. Go Soap Free

Like most guys, you probably grew up washing your face with bars of soap shared between your family…

…and that practice needs to stop!

Not because everyone uses that bar of soap (god knows where it’s been before it touches your face) but because using soap products on your face can be harmful for your skin!

Soap is a harsh cleaner that not only removes dirt from your face, but also the beneficial oils and sebum acting as a protective barrier for your skin too!

When this protective layer is reduced, water passes from the skin more rapidly, drying it out and making it more vulnerable to irritants and allergens.

Choosing a good soap-free cleanser will go a long way in improving the health and vitality of your skin.

  1. Choose a Skin Care Product with the Right Ingredients

When choosing a skin care product, you should always look at the label first to find a good balance fatty acids, cholesterol and ceramides. 

Yes, skin care product contain acid (e.g. palmitic or stearic) … but don’t stress, these acids are fatty acids, which are essential for keeping your skin healthy and free from dryness.

Cholesterol has unfairly gained more than a bad reputation over the years. But, the fact is, Cholesterol is an essential component in our bodies: making up the building blocks of our cells, a precursor for testosterone and healthy, younger looking skin.

Finally, Ceramides – found in foods like avocado – help hold moisture to the skin and are used in the treatment of skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis.

  1. Clean Your Face Step-by-Step - in the Right Order!

Hands up all of you who think there are only 3 steps in washing your face:

  1. Wake up
  2. Splash face with water
  3. “G’day handsome”

Well, while that may have worked in high-school, cleaning your face properly to fight against signs of early aging and wear and tear has a bit more to it…

Washing your face and forgetting to follow up with a moisturiser can dry out your skin, reducing the barrier needed to protect against harsh irritants in the environment.    

While, applying a moisturiser without cleaning your face first can lead to blocked pours, resulting in blemishes and breakouts.

Here’s what you need to know…

Step 1. Wash face with a good soap free cleanser

Step 2. Dab skin dry(ish) with a fresh, clean towel

Step 3. Apply a quality moisturiser while skin is slightly damp to hold moisture

It’s that easy!

At Solander & Banks, we’ve have a whole range of products to help fix and soothe that dry irritated skin. Head on over to our online store for a complete list of our awesome men’s skin care products.





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