Do women have a better sense of smell than men?

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Sitting on the throne this morning and I had a few thoughts...

1. Do women have a better sense of smell than men?

2. Do other people ever think about these things…or is it just me?

3. Why can my fiancé smell things that I can’t?

4. Have I got bad B.O. and don’t realise it?

These are all clearly important to questions to answer (I know, first-world problems).

I took to google to find out. Thankfully, I stumbled across a doctor (they know everything, right?) Catharine Paddock PhD ( of (seems legit) says, research shows that women have more cells in the olfactory bulb, the areas of the brain responsible for smelling.

Can we agree that more cells = a better sense of smell? Yes! Then problem solved. Women smell more than men (as in they can smell more things).

O.k. What should we do about this?

Captain Obvious’s answer = Men, put more effort it to smell better (as in, smell nicer). Ladies. On behalf of all the men out there... I'm truly sorry. We stink.


1) Invest in the right products,

2) Layer your smells; and

3) Reapply them throughout the day.

And, don't forget to shower. And use soap. And brush your teeth. And I don't care what the new train of thought is around flossing. You need to floss.

And make sure you shampoo. Everyone always forgets to shampoo!

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