Demystifying Beard Oil Ingredients - What Should You Be Looking For In Your Beard Oil?

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Not all Beard Oils are created equal.  Most guys make the mistake of buying the beard oil that looks the best rather than the one that contains the right ingredients for them.  
So when its time to buy, what should you be looking for in a beard oil?  
Most of the beard oils out there will contain some combination of the following so its good to get a basic understanding of what you are putting on your face. 
  • Jojoba Oil – Jojoba is a plant native to California, Arizona, Utah and parts of Mexico.  The oil is technically not an oil at all but a wax (semantics).  The oil comes from the plants seeds which look a cross between Walnut and a coffee bean. The oil has a bright golden colour and is odourless.  Jojoba oil has a very similar chemical make up to “sebum” the oily matter created by glands on the human face and scalp.   Non-toxic and non-allergenic jojoba oil is extremely safe.  Packed with minerals and vitamin E it will promote healthy and clean skin.  
Jojoba Plant Jojoba Oil
      • Grape Seed Oil is funnily enough the product of pressed grape seeds.  It is a very light oil that will give you a smooth feeling to the touch.  It has antioxidant characterising so prevents the clogging of pores and subsequently prevents the outbreak of acne.  
      • Sweet Almond Oil or simply Almond Oil has been a natural remedy for dry skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema for hundreds if not thousands of years.  It has been proven to protect the skin against the harsh effects of the sun and delay the signs of ageing.  It is packed with Vitamin A which helps healthy skin cell production.  Like Grape Seed Oil, Almond Oil is known to dislodge the dirt and debris that accumulates in the skins pores and hair follicles helping to prevents acne.  Its final key property is to soften and smooth the skin.  
      • Castor Oil – is a vegetable oil obtained by pressing the beans of the castor oil plant which is indigenous to the Mediterranean, East Africa and India.   Castor Oil has been popular in Chinese medicine for centuries.  The oil is known to improve the health of your hair by locking in moisture making it look thick and rich.   It promotes denser hair growth by boosting circulation to the follicles.  Anti inflammatory properties.   It also moonlights as an amazing laxative (if ingested – not recommended) and in fact during the 2nd World War the Italian paramilitary group the Blackshirts forced ingestion of large amounts to trigger severe diarrhoea in their enemies. 
      Castor Oil
      • Coconut Oil – nothing smells more like a holiday to the tropics or a trip to the beach more than coconut oil.  Rich in proteins Coconut Oil helps the skin rejuvenate and repair after being damaged.  Coconut Oil is popular the world over because its good for most skin types.  
      • Argan Oil - has exploded in popularity over the last decade.  Used in Morocco for centuries to treat skin and hair problems, Argan Oil is extracted from the kernel of the Argan Trees nut.  Its full of antioxidants so great for reducing the signs of ageing.  
      • Essential oils - are the part of any beard oil blend that makes it smell the way it does.  Essential oils are called essential because they contain the "essence of" the fragrance of whatever plant they come from.  Their are lots of examples but key beard oil favourites are Citrus, Tea Tree, Ravensara and Sandalwood.
      Essential Oils Beard Oil

        On a final note to achieve most of these benefits mentioned above you will need to apply regularly for a minimum of 2 or 3 weeks.   Using beard oil once or twice just isn't going to cut it.   

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