Beard Oil Basics - Q & A

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After years of being clean shaven, your've decided to grow a beard or at least give designer stubble a try.  It should make you look older, stronger or more masculine but what are the essentials you need to know?  

Here are the basics to get you up to speed.  

Which Beard Oil do I choose?   Not the simplest of questions to start, theirs plenty out there on the market.  Most of them looking cool with their stylish label or fancy logo but its whats inside the bottle that really matters.  Most beard oils contain two key elements, carrier oils (the goodness) and essential oils (the smell).   Check out our blog on ingredients.  

How do I apply it?  Extract 3-4 drops (for stubble, more as your beard gets longer) of beard oil from the bottle into the palm of your hand.   Using the tips of your fingers, dab the oil evenly across the key elements of your beard (not forgetting under your chin).  Use the palms of your hand to spread evenly throughout the beard and massage into the pores of the skin.  

When do I apply it?   Ideally straight after showering when the pores of your skin are open and receptive to a bit of love. 

How often should I apply it?  When it comes to looking after yourself, in general girls have a routine and guys are a bit random.  Men should understand that applying something once isn't going to make any difference.  Emulating the female sex and developing a solid daily grooming routine is the key. 

Where do I apply it?  Sounds like a dumb questions but beard oil is great for your skin as well so don't be afraid to spread it around.   

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